Site Credits

I'd like to go ahead and thank all of my family for bearing with me as I've coded and recoded this site over the years, there's no telling how many times that I've done it over the years lol... I guess one tends to do things again and again until they have something that they're proud of, and I think that I've finally gotten to that point with this site...

I've spent many many hours in coding for this site, using and reusing tips that I've picked up along the way, new formatting, image work; heck, I think it's safe to say that this has to be the most grossly over-coded family website in existence...

I'd like to thank my good friends Isaac DeCoursey, Russell Vance, Anthony Pfaff, Ian Spence, Brett Pavioni, Allen Ayres, and Justin Capella for all of their assistance and work over the years, if not for our complete disregard of what time it is, who knows, I may have had this done sooner ;)... You guys have been the best friends that a guy could have, hence why I do free work for you; well, most of you ;).

Anyone that I have forgotten? Let me know!
Posted on March 29th, 2018
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